Shop Minn Kota Trolling Motors by Type

Don't miss out on your favorite fishes on freshwater and saltwater with Minn Kota trolling motors! With great options for freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing, Minn Kota offers you the most innovative, toughest and quietest trolling motors. Also, no need to worry about where to mount and how to mount your trolling motor? Minn Kota freshwater trolling motors and Minn Kota saltwater trolling motors come with multiple options to choose from according to your convenience.

Take fishing to the next level with Minn Kota

Pack your boat for adventurous fishing with Minn Kota freshwater trolling motors and Minn Kota saltwater trolling motors. Well, you can easily opt for freshwater or saltwater fishing without any worries about the motor. Designed for all kinds of freshwater boats, Minn Kota freshwater trolling motors offer the most intuitive controls, best technologies, and exceptional durability in fishing. Minn Kota saltwater trolling motors are designed with excellent corrosion protection and fully-encapsulated electronics to ensure the ultimate saltwater resistance. The Minn Kota Powerdrive, Riptide Ulterra, Terrova, Ultrex, and Maxxum series are among the most advanced trolling motors offering that ultimate fishing experience.

Where are you mounting your Minn Kota trolling motor?

Spend less time messing with the motor and more time fishing with Minn Kota trolling motors. Mount the trolling motor according to your convenience with multiple mounting options by Minn Kota. Bow-mount trolling motors offer better control over your boat and are mount to the front of the boat with a bolt-on bracket. Transom-mount trolling motors feature hand control and are ideal for smaller boats, dinghies, and canoes. These are mount to the back of the boat with a clamp-on bracket. If you wish to keep the deck clear, choose Engine-mount trolling motor and mount it to the cavitation plate of your inboard/outboard motor. With great options to choose from, Minn Kota trolling motors allow you to focus more on fishing.