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Keep your gears powered up the Minn Kota Battery Chargers! With advanced technologies to create the most intelligent, fastest charge for your battery to run like new, even when it isn’t. Minn Kota Battery Chargers have gained fishermen's trust over the years by protecting the battery with a safe, controlled charge that won’t over- or under-charge it. Explore the great variety of options available to shop for Minn Kota On-Board Chargers, Minn Kota Portable Chargers, Minn Kota On-Board DC Alternator Chargers, and other battery accessories.
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Thinking a charger is just a charger. Think Again!

Minn Kota's battery technology lets you take care of the battery you've got, instead of buying a new one! Get the fastest and smartest battery that runs like new with Minn Kota Battery Chargers. These chargers not only juice up your batteries faster than anyone but also protect them for the long haul. By adjusting for outside temperature variations, compensating for low-voltage outlets, and cleaning and conditioning your battery, Minn Kota's digitally controlled battery chargers get you back out on the water faster, keeping the equipment running year after year. Choose the best fit for your equipment from the great options of battery chargers available by Minn Kota.

Get more of what you came for!

Find the right way to power up everything on your boat with the Minn Kota battery chargers. Offering smart and protective charging, Minn Kota chargers provide an accurate charge and protect your battery in the long run. The Minn Kota onboard chargers are convenient chargers and come with one or more battery chargers into a single housing. Bring the action right to your boat with the Minn Kota portable chargers offering the choice of power level options and automatic temperature compensation that adjusts to ambient temperature fluctuations to ensure a fast and accurate charge. Give an extra boost and better battery life to your equipment with the Minn Kota On-Board DC Alternator Chargers. Require any battery accessory? Don’t worry, Minn Kota has everything for you!